Ups and Downs

This is how to make sure your weekend is full of ups and downs…

Up: Get off work three hours early because no one is there and your Boss doesn’t even want to be there.
Down: Rush through a trip to Target, rushed to the point that you forget things…like always.

Up: Leave early enough that you think you will miss a lot of the traffic
Down: Hit so much traffic that getting to a point that normally takes an hour takes almost 2.

Up: See the bear on the way up.
Down: Don’t see it again when you turn around so the kids can get another look.

Up: Have gorgeous but HOT weather on Saturday, after letting your husband sleep in and your puppy is well-behaved.
Down: Watch Boo fall HARD on the stairs when Grandpa tells her to “Run and get me…” and she does…OUCH

Up: Watching Hunter beat EVERYONE at Bean Bags/Cornhole…even left handed on his KNEES! This kid rocks.
Down: Realizing that Hunter’s shoes have torn and his toes are hanging out…

Up: Seeing a dear up close and being able to take pictures for the first time  in many years.
Down: Seeing the next day that they same dear that we thought was injured is really missing a leg (tears…)

Up: Watching a small town parade where a 13-year-old can ask to be sprayed with a mini-fire hose, supersoaker and water balloons and they do!
Down: Watching a small town parade where a 13-year-old can ask to be sprayed with a mini-fire hose, supersoaker and water balloons and they do and he then wants to get in the car…

Up: Setting off fireworks and listening to the kids cheer
Down: Watching really bad small town fireworks…so disappointed this year.

Up: Snuggle time with Boo.
Down: Snuggle time with Boo because she is in a Benedryl induced stupor after a Mosquito bite WAY to close to her eyes.

Up: Reading 2.5 books in three days
Down: Having whiney kids because Mom can’t walk down to the beach with her ankle.

Up: Being out of my Boot (Woohoo!)
Down: Being so sore the day after my first Physical  Therapy appointment that I want to cry with each step after getting up in the morning,

Up: Watching my kids smile
Down: 900 bajillion mosquito bites…oh…901…ITCH

The weekend was a win no matter what way you look at it, but MAN I am itchy all OVER the place.

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