One of the reasons I do like 13

Last year the kids had some simple chores, easy ones to ease them into the summer and what it was about during the day. They could play all they wanted, but they had to contribute to the house. Had to help take care of it.

Last year Hunter wasn’t quite strong enough for one of the chores we thought he would have been able to handle. He didn’t have the patience, and we were all bummed, Hunter included. He wanted to do this, to be stronger and older.

This year…oh man how strong he has become both physically and mentally. He is willing to push himself a bit more, to work a bit harder to be the best at some many things.

This year, Hunter can mow the lawn.

I did a little happy dance. While Hubby likes mowing the lawn, likes having that time that he can think and have a beer it is a great responsibility for Hunter to have. He learns the value of the hard work, the patience to do it the right way and even the thrill of seeing it done by his own hand.

He asked me yesterday if he could mow before the weekend…

He just mowed on Sunday so it doesn’t need it yet, but Tuesday man go nuts!

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One Response to One of the reasons I do like 13

  1. Alison says:

    The other day we saw a boy about that age mowing while his parents sat in the back yard and watched. My husband and I looked at each other and then at our four-year-old son and said, “Boy, that’s going to be great!”

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