Our Garden

A few months ago I talked about our garden plans, what we wanted to plant and how much of it we wanted.

Well…we planted a lot and will be getting a lot when all is said and done. I took some pictures on Friday when we were all out working in the yard and weeding the garden.

First, the general broad pictures. The cages on the left at ALL tomatos…I think 14 in all so far. Yes, I said so far. More on that later. The next plant over is cucumber and green beans, then  more green beans and lastly green onions that just don’t seem to be coming in very well.

So many tomatoes…

These are the Snap Peas, and yes the picture is sideways and I didn’t fix it. They are peas, not my kids. lol

We also had lettuce that just didn’t come in quite right. We pulled it on Friday and just weren’t happy with it.  Next year we will try a different kind.

Right in the middle of the silver posts in the above pictures are the carrots that we planted, and there are a lot of them! I can’t wait for those to come in since we planted the multi-colored kind.

All in all it is going well for our first big garden. Lots of growth and we are keeping the pests out. Well, we are now. Last week we went to check on the garden and found a hole made by a bunny…in the carrots. That made me laugh so hard, ironic.

The big windmill that you see in the pictures, that was Hubby’s Grandma’s. It used to be in her garden before she moved into Assisted Living. She will be very happy to see it in our garden with a fresh coat of paint.

Oh, and the tomatoes…we tried to plant some prior to the season and they just didn’t work. At least that is what we thought. We now have 22 tomato plants growing and NOTHING to do with them. We will be adding some to our garden, as well as the old garden too. After that Sister in Law and Lil Bro will take some for their patio area. That house loves tomatoes like we do!

Now, time to go watch the Peas. I can’t wait for those, but Hubby keeps telling me that a watched pea never grows…sad.

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3 Responses to Our Garden

  1. Molly says:

    WOW! Now that is what I call a garden. Makes my already puny and pitiful city garden look, well even more puny and pitiful! Well done.

  2. By the looks of that garden, you mean business! I’ve tagged you in a blog post that will “air” on Monday. Just giving you a heads up. You can play along if you want. =)

  3. melissa says:

    looks amazing! i’d love to have a garden someday!!

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