So…funny story

When I was 17 I fell the day before our “Big Show” for school and sprained my ankle pretty bad. I had choreographed a number, so I was freaked about missing a night of the show. It still hurt pretty bad the next night but I had to do my number, had to perform this dance for my family. I powered through, dealt with the pain and spent the next week in an air cast  as the result.

Since then, my ankle has given me problems. 5 years ago we were at the cabin when I slipped on the lips of the deck stairs and down I went. My ankle was so swollen that even my flip-flops didn’t fit comfortably. After 6 weeks in an air cast and two in an ace wrap I was back to normal.

Yesterday I did it again. We were working on our garden from last year that had gotten over grown and nasty. Hubby wanted to get a couple of projects done for Father’s Day so we were working in the yard. I stepped out of the garden and down I went with a yelp and a snap.

Now the snap is NOT something I can describe. The pain was instant, the type that makes you want to vomit it is so intense. I sat on the ground as Koda freaked because I was at his level and thought it was time to play. I held it together, didn’t cry though the tears were fighting me. I took a breath and asked Hubby to help me up. I didn’t know if I could put weight on my foot, and wanted him there for balance. He got me up, and I limped my way to the chair. I sat, had a drink of soda and willed the pain away.

It didn’t happen.

I told Hubby that I would ice my ankle and then we could go to Canterbury Park for the horse races. After about 30 minutes I would be good as new!

Dream on…

I iced my ankle, played online and watched the NCIS marathon for about an hour. The pain didn’t get better, only worse. I told Hubby, while biting my cheek as I took a step, that I would wrap my ankle and we could go. I would go to Urgent Care when we got back.

I think his eyes popped out of his head, then he told me I would go now and we could go when I got back.

Little did he know…

I went to the Orthopedic Urgent Care that is close to my house, and I am glad that I did.

I was in pretty quick, and x-rays taken after the Tech pressed on the ankle bone of my left foot and a couple choice word came out of my mouth.

“I think we will mark that as a 10 on your chart…” Yeah, good idea…OW

After the x-rays I was put in room and the doctor came in. She pressed all over my foot, but only by the bone hurt enough to make me jump through the ceiling and yelp. She moved my ankle around, touched up my leg to see how high the pain went and said…

“You have torn your ATL, your ankle had just had enough and it tore.”


So now I am sitting here in a boot, gimping my way around the house, the office and tonight the ball field.

I go back in late next week to see how it is doing and will probably have physical therapy. I am not looking forward to that AT ALL.

But, I am glad that I went to the Orthopedic Urgent Care. If I had gone to a normal one I would be on crutches and not in a boot. I would be in a simple air cast and not have the full support that I do now. They are the specialists for the right reasons. I will see them through all of this for sure.

Now I must go get the Root Beer Float that Hubby is making me…my own form of medication!

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2 Responses to So…funny story

  1. Molly says:

    Oh no! You poor thing. I fell down the stairs two summers ago and heard that same snack. And it’s one of the worst sounds (and feelings) ever.

    Mend well!

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