The End of a ERA!!!

Think back to when you were a young teen.

Did you have a place you could call your home away from home?

A place where you felt safe no matter what was going on outside the doors?

I did.

In less than 70 days mine is closing.

Airport Bowl has been my home away from home for more years than I can count.

On August 30, 2010 they are closing their doors for the last time.

Don, Dave and Doris have been my extended family for so long that they are part of our family.

Don was one of the first people who I told when I was getting married, when I got pregnant and when we bought our house. 

Doris can tell stories of me when I was 10 and hoarding library books in my room.

Don was the one that I went to when a boy was giving me a hard time, and Don called him to the mat and told him to back off or get out. He was my protector.

I went to see Don in my dress the night of my Junior Prom. 

The first year that Hubby and I threw Hunter a birthday party together…it was at Airport. He was 4.

Don was my bowling coach for so many years, he has a picture I drew for him when I was 10 hanging in his office, still.

There are pictures of me and Big Sis hanging in Don’s office from when we were in High School.

I met my Lia there 14 years ago…I still blame Don for that one…lol

We are family.

Today we are having an Alumni Reunion party and saying good-bye in our way to Airport Bowl.

A TON of us are getting together to reminisce and catch up. Many of us have connected on Facebook, getting glimpses of each others lives. Tomorrow we will sit, talk and BOWL. We will sit and talk with Don, Doris and Dave and laugh. We will remember the funny stories of cutting Don’s hair off, Doris playing MaGyver to make sure a leaking roof didn’t hit the lanes and Dave lugging in case after case of soda from the store each and every Saturday morning.

There better be chocolate donuts and cheeseburgers…

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