I have been sucked in…but I don’t mind

Thursday night I was asked to be on the Fastpitch board…

My mom is laughing right now…I am sure of it.

I have said for so long that I wasn’t going to be THAT parent that was sucked into the board, but after half of a season I can see that I will in fact be that person! There are things that I see each and every game that are not okay…a coach that won’t reschedule a game so that his team is placed in a lower bracket at Qualifiers, a coach that groans when the team goes into extra innings because they want to watch the Twins Game. These are all signs of coaches that shouldn’t coach anymore, or should take a year off to figure out if they want to be one.

I was told last night that they needed parents of the younger girls to be voice for the teams. The younger girls often get the shaft when it comes to sports, they are pushed to the side and not given the fair shake they deserve. That is something that the board hopes to change in the coming year. They want the younger girls to be the power house that the older girls are, they want to work with them with the same intensity that the older girls have to give them a fair chance against some of the other teams that practice year round (yes…year round for 8-10 year olds! Talk about burn out!). While we don’t have that going for us, we want to make sure that girls that want to work on their skills in the winter have the chance. Bring the clinics to our area that we have missed out on, have Open Gym in the dead of winter.

Our program has a great reputation, better than it was 15 years ago. Gone are the days of coaches that work teams to the point of exhaustion. Gone are the days of 5 day a week practices. Gone are the drill sargents that pass as parents. Our program has become one that takes any girl and helps them any way they can, we haven’t had cuts in three years because of that. But now there is drama on the board, and that needs to stop.

Our girls have enough drama in thier lives without board members adding fuel to an already stressful team selection process. It isn’t a good thing when parents force their children to take a position on the lesser team so that their child doesn’t have to deal with “drama filled girls” who get it only from their parents.  When a child feels that a “B” team is a better place for them when they are “A” players there is something REALLY wrong. That is what I want to fix.

Being on the board is not something that I was looking for, but not it is something that I WANT to do to make it a better place for my daughter in the years to come.

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