What time is it?

Todau is the last day of school…

Do you hear that chorus singing? I know I sure can.

The school year wasn’t awful, just not what we want for our kids to deal with day in and day out.

Hunter made major leaps, but also slid into old patterns.

He now has a core group of friends, something he has never had before.

He has a team of teachers that he won’t have next year, but that have set him up for success for the coming years.

He has matured a ton, while still reminding us that he is still a boy, not a man.

I can’t wait for the summer!!!

Friday we pick him up for the ENTIRE summer! I have so many ideas, so many things that we want to do.

I want to see him do more of this to start with…

Boo had a rock star year, the sneaky girl that she is didn’t always tell us, but she was on fire.

Boo learned to start projects on her own, being a self-starter is a big deal!

She moved up the ranks in the reading program, being at almost a 5th grade level at the end of the 2nd grade.

She realized that even the people who you call a friend may not be that friend.

She formed a core group of friends as well, ones that I actually like after the “mom-break-up” debacle.

She showed how empathetic she was when her friend was picked on at school, when he had a rough day.

I can’t wait to see her look more and more like this as the days go on…

Yes…that isjust dirt…

Summer is big deal around here, outside all day long. Movie days when the rain comes, and camping on the weekends. We are in the midst of planning a big camping trip and some mini trips to visit family in the coming weeks and the kids couldn’t be more excited about it.

I can’t wait for this day to be over, to have two kids geared up for the days may bring.


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One Response to What time is it?

  1. Alison says:

    Great post–I love the idea of reflecting on how the school year went for the kiddos. Yay for summer and time with family!

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