Meeting Jewel!

If you follow me on Twitter at all you would know that last Wednesday I had the fabulous opportunity for a Meet and Greet with Jewel thanks to Country Financial and Road Trips and Guitar Picks.

To say that this experience was wonderful is the biggest understatement.

Jewel’s music has always been a part of my life, her lyrics bring up all kinds of memories for me.

The backstage Meet and Greet was wonderful. The food was exceptional, just as last time, but the atmosphere was much calmer fitting for Jewel’s music. When I saw Jason Aldean a couple of weeks ago the atmosphere was excited and high energy, but this time there was a calmness that just flowed from person to person

After eating we lined up for our chance for a picture with Jewel, the line moved fast and the tour team had a great hold on the group of people. When my friend Cayla and I  had our turn I was shocked at just how tiny Jewel really is! She looks tiny anyways, but even more so in person. Jewel was very soft-spoken and so kind. It was such a wonderful chance to meet her!

 After everyone had a chance to go through the photo line it was time for Jewel to sing for us! First she answered some questions, about when she sang the National Anthem for NASCAR and how her and her husband had a bet for Dancing with the Stars that was became exempt from when she…you know…broke her leg! 

She also answered a question from a young girl asking what perfume she was wearing, Sophisticate in case you were wondering. She then asked the girl what kind she wore, Cucumber Melon. It was a wonderful exchange to watch, the smiles of the little girl made everyone laugh.

 She sang a song she has not recorded yet, that she had written for a friend that had passed away from Cancer. The emotions that came off that stage were deep and far-reaching. There were tears in many eyes when she was done singing.  Jewel’s voice was so emotional, so full of the love for her friend, it was such a gift to be there to hear her sing it.


I had the chance to meet Jay from Country financial, and did a mini interview with him.

Once the singing was done, and Jewel had left to get ready for the rest of the show we headed back to the theater. Her opening act Kip Moore was on stage and he was fantastic! He even sang one of the songs that Hubby and I first every danced too…made me tear up a bit.

The best thing about this concert, both Kip Moore and Jewel, is that it was all acoustic! Just them and their guitars. It was a “Storytellers” type show. We heard the background to the songs, what happened that made that song become a reality, and who/what it reminds them of. It was a great insight into the artists. 

Jewel came out singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” from her “Lullaby” CD. This song gives me goose bumps every time I hear it, her voice is perfect for that song. After I rubbed away the chills, we settled in for some wonderful music.

 Did you know that Jewel wrote “Who Will Save You Soul” when she was 18 and hitchhiking across the country? She was spending time in Chicago and built the song around what she saw. “Hands” was played a TON after September 11th, as it was uplifting to so many people.

There came a point where she asked what people wanted her to sing, and one song she didn’t know the words right off the top of her head…so she referenced her 3-ring binder to remember the words. Some of her fans put together a binder with all her lyrics, and she brings it with her on each tour just for situations like this!

Towards the end of the night she played a few songs off her then unreleased album, and Ten was my favorite by far! She told us that her “friend’ has the habit of counting to ten when arguing with her husband and that it helped to remind her why she loved him so much to begin with. It was a song that really made sense to me, since I count to ten when it is needed!

The Jewel concert was such a great experience. Very low key, we didn’t have to stand on tip-toes to see the stage.  The audience was energetic, but still very relaxed. It was a great concert to be a part of.

As always, HUGE thanks to Country Financial and Road Trips and Guitar Picks tour. It has been such an honor to work with such a great company!

This post is sponsored by Country Financial and Road Trips and Guitar Picks. I was given two concert tickets as well as Meet and Greet passes as compensation, but the opinions and feelings are mine.

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2 Responses to Meeting Jewel!

  1. Mr CC says:

    Thanks for posting this review. I enjoyed reading it. I love it when Jewel tours and finds new fans who discover what a great experience it is to attend her live shows.

    The World Jewel Forum

  2. melissa says:

    HOW DID I MISS THIS!!?!?!?!??!?!?

    i LOVE jewel! must read blog more often 😉

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