The Teams

I am cold.

I am tired.

I had the BEST DAY!

Boo has a tournament this weekend that took all of today, and will take most of tomorrow depending on how they do and how they are ranked.

We spent the day trooping from one field to another, standing in the constant rain and cheering for our girls.

The girls spent the day running, catching and cheering the loudest I have ever heard them cheer.

A sense of team has formed among this unlikely group of girls. A group of girls that wouldn’t be together if not for their love and joy of the game.

There is Boo, one of the two youngest girls on the team, slowly learning what she needs to learn. She is making her way through the process, earning the right to call herself a ball player.

There is a girl who wants so bad to be a great player, that works so hard, that tries her hardest no matter what is going on.

There is the all-around-never-needs-practice player too, but she is so helpful, giving the girls tips in a way that is not mean or cocky. She wants them to do their best too and will  help as much as she can.

We have the three players that are all new, never played Fastpitch a day in their lives that have become such a key part of this team. They are the ones that will be out there talking grounders until the umps call them off the field.

We have such a wonderful group of girls, such a great team of coaches. Everyone has learned so much and we are only half way through the season.

I can only hope that the teams, no matter what sport, are as wonderful as this one is.

Tomorrow, back to the ball field for up to three games depending on when we start the day. I better check my e-mail…

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