Once Again – Big News!

We all have memories from our younger days that stick out, that you remember so clearly as if they were yesterday.

For me, it is sitting in “The Pit” with a group of people and a guitar (remember, I went to an Arts High School, so this was normal). It was right about the time that a new artist had come out, and her songs made a huge impact on many of the teenagers that I knew. We would sit in The Pit and sing her songs over and and over again. Some would cry through their pain, some would smile and laugh. We each had our own personal moment…it was perfect.

The artist was Jewel.

Foolish Games was our song of choice.

Since that time Jewel has come out with song after song that have touched many people. Her songs are ones that stay with you. Her poetry book was one that I read cover to cover over and over again during my early 20’s, her words so poignant. If you haven’t heard her rendition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow you are seriously missing out, goosebumps people!

Jewel is taking part in the Road Trips and Guitar Picks tour, just like Jason Aldean is. I have been given the opportunity to once again blog about my feelings of her music and take part in her concert just next week. We will have a chance to ask her some questions, get our pictures taken and listen to her sing in an intimate setting. I can’t wait.

Major thanks are not enough for Country Financial and the Road Trips and Guitar Picks tour for asking me to, once again,take part in this wonderful blogger program. I feel so very honored.

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This is a sponsored post by Country Financial and the Road Trips and Guitar Picks tour. I am being compensated with concert tickets and meet and greet passes. The thoughts and feelings are my own.

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