To Malia and Leif

14 years ago, The Don came to me and told me that he was putting this girl on my bowling team. I wasn’t impressed, but within minutes we were friends.

Now, 14 years later we are still friends, and closer than ever.

Today I will stand up for Malia and Leif, stand up for the love that I have seen grow more and more.

Today I will stand up for my  friend, showing that I support and honor that love with this ceremony.

And today they will become a blended family, just like ours.

I love you Lia and Leif! My wish for you is simple:

Be happy

Be loved

Be honest

Be true

Love your boys, they are YOUR  boys now

Show your love everyday

I am so happy for you my friends, and I wish you every single happiness there is!

And no Lia, you will have to wait to find out your surprise just a LITTLE bit longer.

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2 Responses to To Malia and Leif

  1. Lia says:

    DAMN!! So close….yet sooo far!!!

    I love you too!! Thank you for everything you have done for me and the wedding and my sanity!!

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