Me and Jason Aldean

This past Friday night was my chance to meet Jason Aldean along with my friend Amanda. We headed to the Xcel Energy Center a bit early, not wanting to be late. We had been told to go in the main door for Will Call, and it was marked with this huge Pick…can’t miss that!

After a little wait (better early than late!) we were taken with many others into the VIP Suite to have appetizers and drinks before our Meet & Greet with Jason Adlean. They one of his guitars (he uses 8 total during the show…road managers are GREAT for random info like that) and the seats for Jason, one of his Guitar players and the Bass player.

They had some amazing pictures of Jason Aldean hung around the room…this is my favorite…

After some ground rules from the Country Financial rep we lined up to take pictures with Jason Aldean. He was polite, nice and ACTUALLY said my name right…which NEVER happens the first time I meet someone. We had just a moment so we thanked him for his music and for taking the time to meet some of his fans. He smiled, told us thank you and the picture was taken.

After everyone had a chance to have their picture taken with Jason, he sat down to sing “Big Green Tractor” and answer some questions from the group…

Who were your biggest influences? “Alabama, Lynrd Skynard, George Straight”

Do you like these small groups as much as the large stadiums of people? (insert lady “Woohoo”) “Well I like having that close enough *laughs* but both are just as important to know your fans. I like  being able to see faces, but nothing can compare to the stage”

After a couple more questions it was time for him to head out, and for us to get ready to find out seats.

We had some great seats, but there are no bad seats in the Xcel Energy Center…that was proven last week. We were to the right of the stage and on the first level. We were able to see everything both straight on stage and off the monitors.

He came out singing, and the crowd didn’t stop the entire time. We were on our feet the entire time he was on stage, and it was worth it. He puts on an incredible show. He even sang “Cowboy”, originally recorded by Kid Rock.

Jason Aldean sang all of his hits, “Big Green Tractor”, “We Laughed Until We Cried” and “Crazy Town” to name a few, and a couple that I knew but aren’t on the radio yet.

Amanda and I had the best time, it was such a wonderful experience. Having the chance to meet an artist that you admire and whose music you enjoy as much as we enjoy his is such a wonderful gift.

Major MAJOR thanks to Country Financial and the Road Trips and Guitar Picks Tour people. You made this such a wonderful time and even took the time to make sure I had enough pictures during the Meet & Great for my postings. Definitely a company I would work with again!!

Did I mention that I love Jewel too…just saying…lol

Want to win a chance to meet Jason Aldean or Jewel? Head on over the Road Trips and Guitar Picks website for your chance!

This post is sponsored by Country Financial’s Road Trips and Guitar Picks Tour. I was given two tickets to meet Jason Aldean and see him in concert. The opinions and thoughts are all mine.

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2 Responses to Me and Jason Aldean

  1. Terra says:

    I AM SO SO SO SO SO SO JEALOUS and I don’t dare tell my 9 year old she would be so mad that it was you not me! You are one lucky gal!

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