She Has the Fever

My life is no longer my own, now more than ever.

Boo had “evaluations” for fastpitch this past week, teams will be posted today at SOME point, as my SIL says ” A watched website never updates”.

Boo did WONDERFUL! She worked so hard, working to take everything she has learned in the past few weeks and put it in action.

Last night she pitched from the mound for the first time EVER and did such a good job. If only we could get her to catch the ball when they throw it back…details details I guess.

I was e-mailing my old softball coach today, letting her know how tryouts went and that Boo did a great job. I told her “She has the softball fever now…” and it is true. She spent most of the evening after tryouts throwing to me, working learn more and more about pitching.

Tonight we are getting down the beat-up soccer net that we have, adding some blue painters tape to make a “strike zone” and letting her go nuts.

The fever is usually not curable…

My poor baby…

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2 Responses to She Has the Fever

  1. Robin says:

    Oooh! Good luck to Boo (and to you)! How exciting…

  2. Alison says:

    Sounds like it’s like mother, like daughter! How fun.

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