What I Learned This Week – Darn Knee Edition

I am all kinds of behind today, and so very sore. Between bowling with the kids for Youth/Adult on Saturday and then helping Boo’s softball tryouts last night I have had about my limit. Well, my knees have at least.

I always seem to forget that my surgically altered knee does NOT like bowling anymore. Having ones kneecap moved can make it so that any activity that you did before surgery must be re-learned.

That is not fun for anyone involved.

Running through the ball field shagging balls during the batting portion of tryouts will also make my knee SCREAM in revolt. I iced last night for an hour and that helped but WOW.

But, watching my kids smile, watching Boo laugh with her new friends and watching the coaches fight over Boo makes it all worth it.  While I beat Hunter two out of three games on Saturday (ahem…yippie!), it was a blast to see his joy each time he got a strike or spare. Seeing Boo lay down a bunt for the first time, and watching her face light up was the highlight of my night.

The pain that comes with any sort of standing for long periods of time is worth the joy on my children’s faces each and every time.

That is a lesson that I will gladly learn over and over again.

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2 Responses to What I Learned This Week – Darn Knee Edition

  1. Terra says:

    and you went out and bought stock in Alieve right (not sure I spelled that right!!)


  2. I’ve never had my knee surgically moved, but I’ve fallen on them a few times. It totally hurts. Here’s hoping your knee is all better soon. =)

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