What I Learned This Week

It is time again for What I Learned This Week hosted by Julie of From Inmates to Playdates.  There were a ton of lessons this week!! Travel always teaches you something.

– When going through airport security make sure your bag catches the conveyor  belt, otherwise you will get a nasty look and words from the security people.  Otherwise they are very nice!!

– CHEW GUM! I forgot on take off to come home and paid for it.  OW

– Dramamine is my BEST FRIEND EVER. I slept most of my flight home, and part of the flight on the way to Philly. I also was exhausted by the time night came.

– Everyone will be SO impressed that you made it to 11:00 when they find out you have been up since 3:45 AM. I was a rock star.

– Being around a ton of people from the east coast made me very aware of how I say some things…like my sister’s name…Thanks for that J0-Lynne…lol

– Big Sis is VERY gifted at her crafts. She made an entire scrapbook for our friend and she was showered with praise!

– Big Sis will still try to push me out of bed even though we are older and MUCH more mature…or something…

Walking in the Ocean for the first time will be a huge experience, and a cold one.

– Coming home to a sick little girl will be a total buzz kill…

– But also coming home to a goodie bag from Julie will make it all better!

Head on over to From Inmates to Playdates for more What I Learned This Week posts.

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6 Responses to What I Learned This Week

  1. Oh to meet up with Jo-Lynne in Philly – I am green with envy! Maybe someday it will be my turn!

  2. Terra says:

    coming home to a sick child would be a buzz kill, I swear we always pay for “our moments” one way or another…and yes the sick child is one way of paying!

  3. Jen S says:

    A traveler I am not. Dh would probably agree with most things you have listed. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. mollyinminn says:

    I am not a great traveler, either. But it sounds like you had a great trip (with the help, of course, of Dramamine.) Hey, side note, but I kept going to your old blog address (cause that is what I have bookmarked and I am old school like that) and because it links to a specific post, I kept thinking you didn’t have a new post up. That might have been the intention all along, but I thought I’d mention it all the same.)

  5. You? And Jo-Lynne? What in the heck was that about? Man, how do I miss all these meetings? I would love to have joined you guys. I’m sure y’all had a great time! Thanks for linking up this week!

  6. Big Sis says:

    To my own defense, you were snoring very loudly AND hogging the bed! 🙂

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