That Number – Boo’s head

On Tuesday THAT number showed up on my cell phone. You know THAT number right…

The School Nurse

Great, lovely, wonderful. Boo had been back in school for one day and she was in the nurse.

I answer “Hi Kelly, this is the nurse at Elementary School. We have Boo here, she hit HER HEAD IN GYM CLASS”

Holy internal panic batman!

Why you may ask? All I picture when someone tells me that Boo hit her head is the face my mom made when I was in Third grade and had to pick me up after “a fall in gym class” of PURE HORROR.

In Third grade I went to an elementary school that was inside the high school (talk about intimidation!). It was new school that grew each year as the children moved grades, I was the oldest grade. I loved my teacher and loved being in a smaller school (til I hit Jr. High but that’s another story). We had winter gym in the Wrestling gym in the basement. It was perfect for dodgeball, mats on the floor so you didn’t get hurt. Plus, we had wrestling in gym awesome was that!

One day after class we were walking up the CONCRETE STEPS when I got tripped and went down HARD on my FOREHEAD. It was not pretty, and the gooseegg that developed wasn’t either. I know who did it, and he STILL apologizes to this day (haha). It hurt and there may or may not have been a loss of consciousness, but I couldn’t tell you (funny I know).

They took me to the office, gave me an ice pack (the nurse may have come to me, again forever ago). My mom was called and I still remember the face of HORROR when she saw me. Really, it was cute.

Think of your kid hitting their head…ok? Think of the egg that shows up on the forehead…ok? Add a TON of brusing…ok? Multiply it by 10…that was my forehead. It lasted weeks (my mom may say days but really…trust me). I was out of gym for a few days and they had to “watch me” to make sure I wasn’t even worse off, but hey…I have a hard head and fall down a lot (yes I used present tense).

So, whenever Boo hits her head (a lot) or falls and hits her head (a lot) I PANIC and worry that she will be worse off.

How was she on Tuesday?

I drove to school with Motrin in hand (yeah for in-building pharmacy!!) and dosed her up feeling for a bump. She had a small one on the SIDE of her head and a headache. The motrin helped and back to class she went with her class volunteer saying “We really need to teach you how to fall Boo” (see..all the time).

Do I panic unnecessarily? Of course, but with reason I think! I mean look at what I deal with here!

Yeah okay, she is so her Mother’s Daughter!

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6 Responses to That Number – Boo’s head

  1. Alison says:

    Wow, that is quite a knot! At least you had some experience.

  2. Megan says:

    Mom’s panic – it’s just what we do! Glad that she is doing okay! And maybe your falls explain alot 🙂

    See you tomorrow!!!

  3. OH NO! The poor thing! I hope she is doing ok. She is so cute!

  4. ~love says:

    aww! she is sweet. hope she’s feeling better!

  5. Oh no! That looks nasty! I hope she is feeling much much better now!!!

  6. darcie says:

    ACK! That’s HORRIBLE!
    Hope she’s feeling better! What a goose egg!

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