Two Not One

There are two not one.

Please remember.

Two sets of eyes, ears and hands.

Two hearts hurt by actions, words and behavior.

Two sets of emotions.

Please remember that there are two in my house, not one.

Two sets of shoes, clothes and messes.

Two sets of needs, wants and desires.

Two sets of veins that beat with their fathers blood.

Two sets of love they give so effortlessly.

Two birthdays, two Easters and two of everything.

There are two in my house, not one.

Please remember.

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7 Responses to Two Not One

  1. Megan says:

    I can imagine that it must be tough. You are a great mom – to your son and your daughter!

  2. samara says:

    I get this. I do. There are 4 in my house and sometimes I have to remind people that there are more than 2. On both sides of it.

  3. Terra says:

    Very nice! Happy Easter!

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  5. Wow. So little words. Such big message! Enjoyed this post.

  6. Alison says:

    This is really beautiful. You put it very well.

  7. Big Sis says:

    Really beautiful – you are an amazing mom!!!

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