What I Learned This Week – Julie’s First Week!

First, lets all give a warm “Hello!” to Julie of From Inmates to Playmates. She is taking over What I Learned This Week, and it’s her first week in charge! You rock Julie!!!

So many things are learned each week, so many things that may or may not make an impact in each of our lives. There are things that we wish we could forget, and things that we want to imprint in our minds forever.

Realizing that someone you love is in pain, not something fun to learn. But also learning that your daughter is so excited to try something new is a huge thing too.

This week saw us marveling at the joy that Koda has brought to our lives, but also realizing that so many things have to change in order for our family to work. We have started retraining him, and that is an everyday battle. He has gotten better, and so have we. Our evening are not so tense anymore.

We also spent a great deal of time figuring our our families NEEDS over WANTS. I WANT a new stove, but it isn’t something that we NEED (right now at least). As long as mine is still kicking we are good to go. We NEED to finish the basement bathroom before our roomie moves in in 4 weeks but WANT to redo the entire basement walls and ceiling (it is bad…you have no idea).

That last one was the hardest lesson of all. Knowing that our WANTS are many, but our NEEDS are few it not something that anyone wants to admit. While we NEED to paint the kitchen, we don’t NEED to paint the living room (even thought now I WANT too). We are trying to teach the kids the difference between the two, and by showing them that we know the difference makes a big step in that direction.

Head on over to From Inmates to Playdates for more What I Learned This Week posts!

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