A night of Good Sleep

I know I know…I am slacking on the funny sleep study post. It was almost a month ago, but it has taken a bit of time to process the (Lack) of info and the doctors report.

I am going to print this picture in an 8×10 for Boo’s graduation party…I can see it now…

We checked in for her sleep study and they got right down to business. There was no messing around at all with time. Within an hour she was hooked up, jammies on and ready to go. By 9:45 she was asleep and I was too. I only heard the staff come in once, and that was simply because the light they turned on was BRIGHT. Boo lost one of her lines so that had to re-attach it.  Boo didn’t wake up until 5:30 and then it was to use the bathroom (talk about a production to do THAT).

She slept well, better than at home the doctor thought. Her sleep him the rem cycle pretty quick, and that is a good thing. She had some snoring and a great deal of leg movement but nothing alarming. She didn’t toss and turn as much, but she has calmed down with that at home too.  She did sit up and talk though, so I know that I am not too crazy (quiet). They showed me the tape of that and it made me giggle.

After all of it, the doctor said that we could go to the ENT to have her throat and such checked out, but other than that to keep up what we were doing.

As they were taking off all Boo’s leads and tape she asked me to take a picture of her “ET Toe”.

About a week later we went to the ENT. He is a wonderful man, has seen us through a few issues like this one.  He took a look at her throat, ears and nose. He said that her ears look surprisingly well considering everything they have gone  through over the years. He throat was a little swollen, but nothing to bad. He did an x-ray to look at her adenoids and they were wide open (a good thing). He said that he wanted to look at her nodes in the back of her nose…which meant putting a camera up there…lets talk about fun!

They numbed her up and up went the camera. He said they looked good too, and she got ice cream on the way home.

The ENT told us that we could either do the “wait and see” approach or surgery that he didn’t really want to do. Let’s go with option A shall we!

So we are waiting to see if anything gets worse or stays the same. Except for last night Boo has been doing MUCH better in the area of sleep. She isn’t getting up anywhere near as often and is having better sleep because of it. There are still nights where we fight to fall asleep, but that has gotten a great deal better too.  it is a constant battle, but one that we seem to be getting ahead of.

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2 Responses to A night of Good Sleep

  1. Terra says:

    oh man…I was hoping for a huge discovery that would fix it all for good! Hailey really struggles and she did have her tonsils nd adenoids out last year..they were both HUGE and the silent sleep now is amazing however it is still very much interupted. ARGH!

  2. Alison says:

    What a cutie! I hope everything works out and her sleep gets better and better…ideally without surgery!

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