I always say to myself on Friday “sweet…I will have time to write this weekend” and it never happens. Life gets in the way, and it is perfect that way.

We spent all of Saturday going here and there, getting things done and playing outside in the cool Minnesota Spring weather. We are working to retrain Koda on some things, and took our first walk as a family since last fall. It was glorious.

Today was another day, only we actually did some house stuff.

Have I mentioned before that I DETEST wallpaper? I am FINALLY getting to pealing the wallpaper in the kitchen (it gives me nightmares…seriously) and it feels so good to get it done. I am still up in the air on colors for the room, but we found at least an accent color (I think). I am going back to Home Depot tomorrow…so who knows what I will come out with in the end.

I am listening for Boo tonight. She has been getting some headaches and they are waking her up in the middle of the night. The poor girl can’t catch a break it seems. Hopefully it is just something she is going through because Mama needs a break!

And that concludes the most boring post ever…man…my brain is shutting off and ready for bed.

Night all!!

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One Response to Rambles

  1. Terra says:

    I do like it when life gets in the way of blogging but I love to blog about life so then I feel like I am getting behind too!

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