What I Learned This Week

Today is a good day, I woke up and have gotten a ton done. All that is left is taking out the trash and going to work. Today is also Koda’s birthday! He is 1!!

Did you know there are websites just for Dog Birthday Cakes? Who knew! We are not doing that, but I am going to get him a special treat at some point today.

Making a shelf out of a skateboard is SO MUCH easier than I thought it would be, and I did it myself! That is a HUGE accomplishment if I do say so. Plus, it looks REALLY cool.

When a certain 13 year old forgets to bring his glasses he will show me that he can bowl just fine, even though he will complain when he misses a shot. Drives me nuts.

Spending an afternoon going from one thrift store to another is my idea of heaven, the kids…not so much. But we found what we needed, including 6 9×9 cake pans! Woohoo!!!

Spring has sprung, and one of my Lilies is already starting to come in. No tulips yet though…

I have two weeks until I fly out to Philly/New Jersey, and my nerves are in over drive. I must find my Dramamine… The nerves probably have NOTHING to do with the fact that I will be meeting three bloggers in Philly…nope nothing at all.

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4 Responses to What I Learned This Week

  1. MollyinMinn says:

    What a fun trip! Are you just going to meet them, or is there an event or gathering?

  2. melissa says:

    ohmyWORD – don't be nervous about meeting us!! we already love you!

  3. A shelf out of a skateboard sounds awesome.I would LOVE to spend the afternoon in several thrift stores, just not with my kids!

  4. Terra says:

    Hey the shelf sounds cool and my dogs would never get a cake – hav eyou done Boos sleep study yet? did I miss it?

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