The list


This is me…

Ramming my head into the wall trying to get everything done that MUST get done this week.

Boo’s Science project – DONE!

Boo’s Sleep study – tomorrow

Register Boo for softball – tomorrow

Talk to Hunter’s Mom about this summer – DONE

Pack my stuff for Boo’s sleep study – tomorrow

Meet with not one but TWO principals – Friday

Figure out what to do at the hospital while Boo is having her sleep study – ummmm….

Dream of a laptop – DONE DONE DONE DONE

Help a friend with cake issues via facebook – DONE

Paperwork…paperwork…paperwork – NEVER ENDING!!!

See…no time. Must be off. Have a fantabulous night!!

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3 Responses to The list

  1. And they wonder why women have a hard time shutting off at night… I'm right there with you! Good luck.

  2. Terra says:

    oh the lists…they just don't ever end!!!!!!!!

  3. simplicity says:

    The neverending lists!On an aside, how do you work summers with Hunters mom? Just curious.

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