Birthdays, squeals and fondant

The party is over, thank goodness. Every year it simply wears me out to the point of taking a nap. The prep, the cakes, the PEOPLE. Oh the people. One year I wish we could just do the four of us…but that is SO not happening. Pipe dreams…

The cakes were great. Some flaws, like the fondant being a bit to thick and people just not getting the idea (not my flaw…theirs). But the hard work was worth it.

Hunter said this was a very “sweet cake”. I was going to do some flames on the slide, but couldn’t get it to work, so I put his stats from the past year at bowling. (click to enlarge) He had such a huge year that this was perfect.

Boo’s was her “gift”. I wanted to make it something that was special, because it was HUGE gift for her. It was sort of her ticket…

After opening gifts, the kids got their cakes. We gave Boo her card, and then called her to come to the table. The joy that follows I will never forget, ever. The high pitched voice…the happiness…the excitement that flows from her is perfect.

The kids had a great birthday party. The enjoyed having the family and friends around them. The loved having their cousins there, the laughter and yells that came from the bedrooms can attest to that.

I love making a big deal about birthdays, any holiday that I can really, but birthdays especially. From what the kids tell me this one was a winner!

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8 Responses to Birthdays, squeals and fondant

  1. simplicity says:

    What a great idea having the cake read her gift! Was she super surprised??? How fun!

  2. darcie says:

    priceless…you guys are going to have a GREAT time!What a GREAT gift – you are one awesome mom…

  3. Melody says:

    I think the cakes look great!I did have the problem with my fondant being too thick in the beginning. I think with practice you eventually figure out what works. The great thing about fondant is that if people don't like it they can just take it off. 🙂

  4. You are an amazing mom!! The cakes came out amazing!! I wish I had the patients and creativity to do something like that 🙂 Awesome job! You are giving your kids memories for a lifetime! ❤

  5. melissa says:

    that was AWESOME!!! I love when she says "WEGOINGTOTHETAYLORSWOFTCONCERT" in that high-pitched squeal only little girls can make 😉 What a fun mama you are!!Happy b-day Boo!!

  6. She looks SO excited!!! I'm excited for you guys, too! I love surprising my kids… there's nothing more rewarding!

  7. happygal says:

    I am impressed, for sure. Cakes kill me, or I kill them. Either way. Impressed.

  8. LutherLiz says:

    I am so impressed, especially considering I'm completely overwhelmed by the thought of a family party for my 1 yr old right now!I hope you got your nap!

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