The BEST School Project EVER!

What what Hunter making? The BEST homework assignment EVER, that’s what!

Thursday night Hunter called to let us know that he had to make a WWI trench to bring to school. Instantly he and Hubby started planning how to make this thing come alive!

We started with the spray foam (the white stuff in this post) and made sure that he had a great base to build off of.

He built little artillery buildings out of mini popsicle sticks that he painted brown and glued together.

He made Army Guys out of molding clay since the only ones we could find to buy came in packs of a million. Didn’t need that many.

The one above is in No Man’s Land, Hunter said he was dead, I said just sneaking up on the enemy.

Not only did he have to make the trench, he had to label everything too! There was No Man’s Land, Artillery, Communication and Support areas in his trench.

Even a flag…

This was by far the coolest school project he has ever had to do, and so much fun. He did it all himself, except using the hacksaw.

What homework would be complete without a hacksaw…

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