The Goings On

I have had a few e-mails this week asking me what is going on with Boo.

It seems that I go from one school to the other lately, but both in a good way as of late. Hunter’s IEP is working PERFECTLY and that is no easy thing. After fighting with his teachers for months they are now listening to his Special Ed teachers and doing what WE have been asking for from day one, in Kindergarten.

Boo’s school on the other hand, is trying so very hard to keep her engaged, motivated and challenged. They are doing everything in their power to make sure that she does NOT slip through the cracks, that she does NOT become another…well…me really.

Boo is smart, like SCARY smart. She reads way above her level and picks things up so fast that she is helping her classmates when the teacher can’t get to them all.

With that talent, comes problems. She is BORED out of her mind most days. She is almost begging for more work, begging for harder books and wishing there was more for her to do.

The last two weeks before Holiday Break, she was doing independent study because her “high flyer” reading group was reading a book she read already. She did a mini report on Crystals and how they are formed. She loved the challenge of it, loved being able to work faster than the other person that was doing a similar project.

Did I mention she was 7 and in Second Grade?

At school they are learning double digit addition.

At home we are working on Multiplication.

At school many children are reading Magic Tree House books.

She is reading the Original Nancy Drew.

Do you see the problem?

So, I met with the principal (whom I ADORE) and he gave us some options. She will be tested next week for the Gifted and Talented program (one option) and we will go from there. She will most likely start meeting with the Gifted and Talented teacher in their building next week as well and get some additional homework (they do very little at this point).

Her teacher is also going to give her some independent projects to work on during some select class times, to keep her mind working and keep her motivated.

My goal, cure the boredom and see what happens.

I do have one question though…

Where did she come from?

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