Boo’s Party – HELP!

Our computer is sick. It seems to be happening a lot, stupid viruses.
We are gearing up for Boo’s slumber party this weekend, she is a little excited. Okay she is freak-out excited. She has wanted to have one since Kindergarten, and the mean mom that I am, I made her wait til now. We weren’t even going to have a “friend” party this year, but I am such a sucker.
So here is another question! What activites do you do with seven 7-8 year olds? I have a craft, but is that lame? I am making cupcakes on Friday and letting them each decorate them how they want, that should kill some time (ha!). I have the Wii, movies and an abundance of dress up clothes.
Do I need games? Please don’t tell me I need games…
Give me your thoughts!
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