Help with Boo’s present

So…the kids birthdays are coming up…and quickly.

I need some help with part of Boo’s present. While she doesn’t read the blog (I think…) you just never know so this is the ONLY time I will link to her gift.


Go here and scroll to May 7th.

I’ll wait.

Okay so here’s the deal. I got those in October, and she HAS NO IDEA. At all. (she JUST came out of the bedroom, good thing I can click fast)

Props to me! I can’t keep a secret to save my life!


I need some help in figuring out HOW to tell her about the tickets at her birthday party next month. I will do it in front of all the family, because her reaction will be FABULOUS. I will get video of her for sure.

I had the idea of getting her a calendar of HER and marking down the days to the concert, but for some reason that sounds…lame.

Help me out here! How do I tell an 8 year old that she is going to the concert she has (literally) dreamed of?

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