What I Learned This Week

Go here for last weeks post, as I didn’t READ what Jo-Lynne had written and went ahead anyway!

Like I said yesterday, the week was MADNESS! It was wonderful, happy and pretty close to perfect, but MADNESS!

– If you go to the zoo for a event, make sure you are prepared with snacks. Man alive I forget how expensive zoo-food can be!

– When eating said zoo-food make sure your nephew remembers where his mouth is. In the event he does not he will end up with chocolate by his EYE and cheese all down the front of himself. It did make for some hysterical laughter and wonderful retelling.

A few times.

– Never tell your daughter that you are downloading a soundtrack for her. She will HOUND you until it is done then get mad when you don’t burn it onto a disk THAT INSTANT. Patience child.

– Renewing my library card is wonderful. I have 13 books set up for holds and I keep adding more. I should slow down since I don’t read quite as much lately. Eh…

– The day the Glee comes out on DVD, it will take 4 different trips to Target to find a store that has it in stock. Not pleased about that. It was Thursday before I finally got my copy.

– We are NOT shopping this week…at all. While we aren’t eating out of our pantry like I would LOVE to do, we are trying to cut the food costs a bit. We have a bunch of meat in our freezer that we are working through, and when I say a ton I mean a whole bunch. We are having something different each night…seriously. No repeats of meat.

– Going an entire week without doing a single load of laundry is NOT a good idea. Just saying.

– Same with cleaning. Nastiness

– Knowing it is a new year, a new decade and time for new changes makes me excited and nervous at the same time.

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