Oh Minnesota…

I seem to have a love-hate relationship with Minnesota.

Over the past three weeks we have had every aspect of winter, every single one.

We had tons of snow.

We had the wind.

We had Freezing rain.


We have below normal below zero temperatures.

I love Minnesota, but really now.

I am cold the second I step outside my house.

By cold I mean that my nose freezes shut, my eyes water so I look like I am crying and my entire face is covered by a scarf so that each time I breathe my glasses fog up.

I am a picture of Minnesota fabulous right now.

I even wear a snowmobile jacket during the winter.

It is cold, and I am not a huge fan of it BUT

It is Minnesota, in the winter.

It is normal.

So time to stop complaining and time to figure out how many layers I can put on Boo before school.

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