What I Learned This Week

The past two weeks have been filled to the brim, with a quieter weekend this past one. Between Boo having the stomach bug, Hubby and I passing a nasty cold bug back and forth and Hunter ROCKING his bowling tournament there has been little time. BUT, lots to learn!

– When your son is bowling in a tournament, you will need to hide behind your husband when said son gets 4 strikes in a row. Holding your breathe is not enough.

– Having a cold that will knock you over is not fun, but having it at the same time as your husband makes for some hilarious conversations!

Me: honey…honey..HONEY
H: What?
Me: Can you get this for me?
H : What?
H: mumble mumble mumble
H: mumble mumble mumble
H: Here you go shorty

Hilarious I tell you! Hearing is so overrated!

– It is possible for a child that weighs a total of 58 pounds to throw up 22 time in 8 hours…important information…or just plain nasty which ever way you want to look at it.

– When said child does this, a trip to the local Children’s Hospital will be in order and they will take ONE look at your child and bring you back right away.

– An IV is NOT a needle once it is in your hand, but a straw that your “veins drink from”

Child Life Specialist are FABULOUS!

Pandora is the best thing ever…EVER

– The chance of major snow is fun, but could cause some MAJOR problems over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day…planning for the possibilities makes my head hurt.

– Even though I said I would wrap presents last night, it didn’t happen. And I am not surprised.

– When your dog eats half a tray of hand-made truffles your head might explode because you have to remake them for co-workers who will LOVE them!

– Trying to figure out why my blog layout is all jacked up is driving me nuts.

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