What I Learned This Week

This was a quiet week on the learning front, at least at home. With Open Enrollment in full swing, by the time I get home I am exhausted and just wanting to crawl into bed. I haven’t been keeping track like I normally do, so wing it I shall!

– When dealing with a dog product company on the east coast, it is best to call them as soon as they open. Otherwise you might end up sitting on hold for 20 minutes. Not the best way to spend my day.

– When traveling with three small children, bring more than the movies for in the car than you think you will need, we needed at least 3 more. Selection is key!

– When traveling with a sleep walking child, don’t laugh when they can’t get out of the bedroom you have trapped them in. It’s funny, but mean.

– Lemon juice is a great deterrent for a dog whose training collar stopped working AGAIN.

– Sleeping only 5 hours than driving home 7 hours is not a good idea…just saying.

– Wisconsin is in fact the drive-through state. We played the licence plate game and say 27 states and 3 Providences. It was great. And by “we” I mean me and M…not the kids.

– When getting excited about a blogger event in MN, don’t do a happy dance that causes you to almost fall over. You pain-riddled knee will thank you.

– Finding jeans that actually fit your skinny waisted 7 year old is not easy, but when you pool your resources and compare stores with a friend you find new tricks! I heart Justice Jeans! They don’t have an adjustable waist-band, but Boo doesn’t need a belt either! Woohoo Victory!

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