Chicago – Part 1

I am sitting in the living area of our hotel room, while everyone else is asleep. I don’t know how I am not EXHAUSTED, but here I am.

We got in to Chicago late last night, after stopping 7 times on the way down. Once for an upset stomach (Boo), once for some meds and the rest potty breaks for 3 little girls all on different schedules. We didn’t even make it out of the cities before we had to stop, Boo’s stomach was not happy. Of course she was fine, but better safe than sorry.

I Tweeted the entire drive down, and the entire trip. It was great to document the thoughts I knew I wouldn’t remember otherwise.

Today we walked about 4 miles even before we got to Shed, which was not that great. We walked around Millenium Mall (Park?) and looked at the giant bean (that thing is cool!). We walked all the way down Michigan Avenue, crossed the river and hit Ghiradelli and Hershey. That was it…then walked back.
We had lunch at Bennigans (awful service, fabulous food) and then went to Shed.
Now there is a lot of hype surrounding Shed, but it was no better than our local zoo, or the Duluth Aquarium. I was disappointed. But, the kids had some fun and that is what I really care about.
After that we came back to the hotel, relaxed and watched Home Alone. We let the kids play in the bedroom, and they jumped on beds and made a ton of noise. It was good that they recovered from earlier, because they were all so wiped out that we didn’t know if we would make it back alive.
We had dinner at Maggiano’s, and let me tell you had wonderful their food is. It is pricey, but we had a gift card so that helped. We got to eat what we wanted, and had a cocktail to calm the frazzled nerves.
Now, everyone is asleep and here I am. I can’t seem to shut down the brain tonight. It is not what I need, but oh well.
Tomorrow will be a long day, swimming in the morning and then the drive home trying to stay ahead of the tolls!
*I am typing this on a Mac Book and have no idea how to copy and paste, so links will come when I get home.*
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