Boo’s Sleep

I have been AWOL the past week…again.

Not intentional at all. I haven’t been feeling the greatest, was drained from the meeting at Hunter’s school and trying to reclaim my disaster of a house. Oh, and Boo isn’t sleeping…again. That is my favorite thing EVER (insert sarcasm/tears/head banging here).

We are heading back to the doctor next week sometime to follow up with Boo’s doctor about her sleeping “issues”, we are the max end of her sleeping meds. I am close to wits end, and had a mini-melt down on Tuesday. I thought, at that point, that I was going crazy, that her sleeping problems were all in my head. I cried to Hubby, talking about it made me feel even worse. Let’s set the scene…

Tuesday night I was talking to a friend about our upcoming trip to Chicago. We were planning a “planning meeting” (where we sit for two hours and make plans for MAYBE 20 minutes…). We had to plan food, schedule and so much more. It was about half way through our expected phone call when I heard a door open. This is when I almost hit my head on the wall, so exhausted at this point. Boo came out, swaying side to side. Here is the conversation (it makes me giggle a little bit, it’s funny).
Me: What are you doing?

Boo: Sleeping

Me: Why are you out of bed?

Boo: I’m in bed (sways some more)! I am sleeping!

Me: Crap…gotta go, she is sleep walking again

How fun was that…made me laugh because she was swaying side to side like nobodies business.

After I got her back into bed, I called Hubby to let him know that she had been up, and the conversation. After we laughed, we got serious. She is not getting enough sleep, and the sleep she is getting just plain sucks.

At this point, I was a mess. I felt (no more) that I was going nuts because I didn’t think he ever saw it, and that HE thought I might be loosing it. I don’t really remember her doing it when he is home his three nights off, but then he reminded me that she did 3 times on Saturday, 1 on Friday and 3 on Thursday. It made me feel better, I am not crazy (well…no more than normal at least).

Look at the bags under her eyes…my poor girl

So, off we go again to follow up, and see what the next steps are to help my little girl sleep better at night. She is still very pale all the time, always tired and actually fell asleep on the bus twice now.

Hopefully we can get this figured out and fast!

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