What I Learned this Week

We had a strange weekend, but a good one. Lots to get done and no where near enough time. Let’s just dive on in, shall we?

– Boo has inherited Ma’s shoe obsession. She got these on Saturday and walks around singing “It’s Fergalicious”, so cute and slightly annoying. Oh, and why don’t they come in my size..Fergie has some super cute kid shoes!

– Raking leafs is awful, it sucks, hate it. We bagged 22 bags of leafs this weekend, and that was just in the back. Darn mature trees…

– My new sneakers are NO WHERE near as cute as Boo’s, but the are so functional so that works for me. Hello Arch Supports!

– 2 year olds crack me up, they have the best one liners ever! “I’m not crazy…you crazy!”. So true…

– Certain people (who shall remain nameless) are VERY excited about the new Disney movie, and can’t wait to get all the merchandise…even though they have all boys. (Had to put that link up, she is going to FREAK)

– I am working really hard to use more coupons, to save us more money. It is like a drug, finding the best deal. I spent 45 minutes tonight cutting out coupons, and I’m not even done yet. I can’t wait to study the ads, the get the best deals.

– I don’t like math homework, and it is very hard to NOT just give her the answer. Took me 20 minutes to figure out how to work through the problem with her, not just tell her. I hate math.

– Trick or Treating is fun with Ma. She doesn’t mind when Boo wants to keep going, even though her feet hurt.

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