What I learned this Week

I am waiting to make sure Boo stays alseep tonight, she has done pretty well since last Wednesday. So, since I am up that means I have more time to write, fabulous!

This week was jam packed, and exhausting at the same time. We have had so much going on that I feel like I am constantly moving, not much down time. It gets old, but still very good to have the energy going through the house. So, without further ado…

– Boo’s doctor was very concerned about her sleeping, but also very concerned about me. Another reminder why we stay with her, even though another dr is closer.

– Boo’s is sleeping, and going to sleep closer to on-time. It is amazing the change in her over this past week. My little girl is back!

– Having an undefeated team lose, when we could have won that game is hard. But knowing that this Sunday’s game is going to be tough is even worse. GO VIKES!! Man…I love football.

The Marketing Mama was on the news again today, she did outstanding (didn’t really learn that, but go sign up for her contest anyway! lol).

– It was blogger day on tv today, we were everywhere! It was great to watch (even if on my computer.).

– I downloaded FireFox on my home computer, so Jo-Lynne and Andrea will be proud of me. Haven’t had time to mess with it but like it so far (you can say “Told you so” Jo-Lynne and Andrea).

– Chopping off almost 6 inches of hair will throw people for a loop. It’s fun to mess with them “Did you get a hair cut…?” “Nope”. Makes me laugh everytime.

That’s about it, things are moving right along towards Halloween. Do you buy Allergy Safe treats? You should! Here are some of the many reason’s why (article also by The Marketing Mama, she was all over the place today!)

For more What I Learned this Week posts, head on over to Musings of a Housewife.

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