Me + Tooth Fairy = Not good

Boo lost a tooth at school yesterday. That is such a big deal to a little kid. They get to go to the nurse, get a tooth box and carry it around the rest of the day.

She was on Cloud 9 when she called after school.

Then I went and messed it up.

The Tooth Fairy and I have a love-hate relationship. I love that she exists, but HATE that I am that stinking Tooth Fairy.

For the third, yes I said third, time in a ROW the Tooth Fairy has failed to leave money for Boo.

Yes, I have failed again.

I blame the fact that our thermostat was not working. It was cold in our house.

Told Boo that the Tooth Fairy does not come into houses that are too cold, so when Daddy fixed it I bet she would come.

I think she bought it.

Only time will tell…

How much do you think therapy will cost in 15 years?

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