I have a cold

I am not sure what is worse, the cold I have or the way people treated me at the office today.

I have a cold, cough and congestion. No Fever.

I went to work.

I was treated like I had the plague all day long. I heard someone who sits across the “hallway” from me talking about how I should have stayed home. Why? Because I have a cough?

I have no fever.

If I had a fever, and wasn’t feeling well I would have stayed home. Trust me on that.

I understand that people are in a PANIC about the H1N1 virus. I get that, don’t agree with it, but get it. That does not mean that every time I, or anyone in my family, have the sniffles we are staying home. It is a cold.

Boo has had a runny nose for a few days, it comes and goes. I am not keeping her home because of it. Sorry, she needs to be in school not sitting at home driving everyone banana’s because nothing is wrong besides the sniffles. If she gets a fever she will stay home.

Believe me, I dislike the parents that send their kids to school with a fever, strep and pink eye. I don’t understand the parents that would want their child to spread their illness to their classmates, it takes away from classroom learning as a whole.

I have even had some friends ask me if I was in a panic about Boo and Hunter bowling. “Don’t they share bowling balls and shoes”, yeah…what’s your point? Illness is spread no matter what you do, sharing a bowling ball is not a make it or break it thing for me. My kids have activities and lives. I have a live. My husband has a life.

Illness will not rule our lives, we have learned that if you take things as they come it will all come out okay.

I will not stress about H1N1.

If anything we will live life as normal.

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