What I Learned this Week – The Boo and Me edition

This weekend was a blur, but so fun. Boo and I learned a lot, about each other and life in general.

Did you know that dogs like tomatoes? Well, Koda likes anything, but this weekend he ate an onion, tomato and tried to eat a Habanero pepper ( I got it out of his mouth before he bit down on it)…it was interesting. There were tomato seeds everywhere, I guess he hasn’t learned the proper way to eat a tomato yet.

We also figured out that bowling is a dying sport. League started this past Saturday, and there are only 7 lanes of kids, not the normal 12. It is such a great sport, as my old dance teacher called it “very Zen”. It takes skill, balance, concentration and athleticism. It is something I hope my kids do for a long time.

Oh, and I CAN make my own tomato sauce. It was great. Well, not great but decent. It needed more spices ( I worried about over seasoning it) and more onion and garlic. But, it did get the nod of approval from Hubby last night.

Having a sore throat and ONLY a sore throat is strange. I have no headache, cough, fever, ear pain, cold symptoms or sinus pressure. Only a sore throat. But is bad enough that today is the first day I have been able to really eat since Sunday. I lost 6 pounds.

Having two days off when you have nothing to do is not really a good thing. I am bored…and my DVR is my best friend. Just saying.

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