Weekend madness

The end is in sight! Boo’s room is almost done, thank goodness! I am tired of painting it. lol

This weekend was a stressful one, but relaxing at the same time (does that even make sense?). Hubby was off fishing up north, so Boo and I had the time to ourselves. We picked tomatoes, had the first week of bowling, and helped a friend buy her wedding dress. It was wonderful.

I love having the one on one time with Boo, especially with the way I have been working on my relationship with her lately. It was great to sit back and see just how much she has changed since the last time Hubby went out of town.

While I love this time alone with her, I am ready to have Hubby come home (ready a couple hours ago if I am being honest). The stress of it being me and Boo is one thing, but throwing Koda into the mix was new.

The last time Hubby was gone it was me and Boo. Now it is me, Boo and Koda. This threw some kinks into the mix, but we made it work. Having to be home for at least 3/4 of the day is not how we normally work a Daddy-Free weekend, but it has been nice being home too.

Today, we made tomato sauce.

From scratch!

I never would have even tried it if we hadn’t been home bound and BORED. It made me take the time to let Boo help me, even though I wanted to correct everything she did (but I didn’t!). She was here to see me make the biggest mistake, and laugh with me about it.

It was a great weekend, now off to relax a bit with my little girl.

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