What I learned this week

This Labor Day was just that, labor. I spent 80% of my day butting heads with Koda (worse than the 12 year old sometimes) or working on Boo’s room…which still isn’t done.

I learned a lot this weekend, most of which have to do WITH the weekend and a little beyond.

Painting is hard, but doing what your daughter wants can make it even harder if she wants something completely out of her norm ( I swear I will post pictures when I am done!!).

– Watching your daughter smile everytime she walks into her room to see the progress makes it worth the sore arms, hands and shoulders. Very worth it.

– In order to do what Boo wants, I have gone through 3, count them, 3 rolls of painters tape, and I’M NOT DONE YET. At least one more roll will be used this week. I am seeing Blue Tape in my sleep!

– A 7 year old that is UBER excited to start 2nd grade tomorrow will have a hard time falling asleep. Still. After two hours…and counting.

– Hardwood floors are not the best thing for a dog. Koda body slammed himself into the wall AGAIN, and dog-SCREAMED so loud I thought he had broken something. He was good, and back to his normal puppy-crazy self within a few minutes, but my heart took some time.

– Canning tomatoes is great, but time consuming and messy. I have had to mop three times this weekend. But we are pretty much set for chili season.

– We need a fence. NEED A FENCE. 11 more days, that is what I keep telling myself.

– Preparing for said fence will cause Hubby to work outside a TON digging holes and measuring where the posts will go. This is forcing me away from Boo’s room. Not a good combo.

– I still miss Hunter. I talked to him tonight to wish him a good first day at school and it was hard. Better, but hard.

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