My house is too quiet right now. I am minus a person. One that made enough noise to fill the void I forget is there, one I have worked hard to plug when he is gone.

Hunter went home tonight.

After two months of being with us he has gone back to his Mom’s house.

It flat out sucks.

No one that I know understands what I am feeling right now. You wouldn’t unless you were in my shoes.

I have to give him back each time.

I have to love, nurture and care for him. Then give him back.

It hurts each time.

No matter what happens, no matter what we deal with.

It hurts.

It will take me a couple days to not seek him out. I am sure I will walk into his room tomorrow to wake him up.

I know I will be looking for him when I get home.

Man this sucks.

So, I wanted to share this video of Hunter. I shot it a few weeks ago in our backyard. This is after he gave me a heart attack…or 20…by doing this. Now it’s normal and I ask him to do it. For some reason that just seems wrong. lol

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