What I Learned This Week – Drastic Action

Did you know that if you are having problems with a rude, sarcastic, “I know everything you know nothing”, attitude driven pre-teen there is something that might work for you…

I reached a breaking point last week, as many of you know. I just couldn’t take it anymore, so drastic actions HAD to be taken.

So I did it.

I started acting like the 12 year old.

I was rude.

I was sarcastic.

I didn’t listen.

I ignored.

I had the “I know everything” attitude.

I was 12.

IT WORKED…for the most part.

I didn’t tell him I was doing this, he never gives us warning when his attitude flares it ugly head.

But we did talk about it after, and he was upset at how I was acting. He didn’t like being ignored, me rolling my eyes and mumbling under my breathe (and as Ma would tell you I had this down to an ART FORM people. It is a gift really)

Not only is Hunter treating us better, he is treating himself better.

I hate puberty.

Just saying.

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