CSN – All Children’s Furniture Review

The rainy days have come…and come…and come. We spent most of the summer wishing for rain, begging for a storm. Last week it finally happened, and while we couldn’t have been happier it left two icky indoor days in a row for my kids.

Thank goodness I had a couple projects that they could work on.

I was recently contact by CSN to review a couple craft projects from All Children’s Furniture.com. My kids love craft projects, and know that I always am willing to dig one out for a rainy day.

This time I had the Works of Ahhh…Bird Feeder Kit. They were able to decorate the bird feeder anyway they chose, and we are hanging it in the back yard. We have seen many birds coming to it, and this has created a new game for them. They race to find out what bird it is this time, keeping the bird book close.

We also were lucky enough to try the Kitchen Chemistry kit. Like the website says, it “is a safe way to explore chemistry without blowing up the house”. My kids LOVE it! They have made rock candy, bubbles, slime and all kinds of other things using only what we have in the kitchen!

The chemistry set is one that they had to wait for me, but the bird feeder they were able to do on their own. You should have seen the excitement on their faces when they showed me what they had done!

CSN has over 200 stores in their network, you can find anything you could possibly be looking for from office supplies to bunk beds. They have kid’s smocks and patio furniture all at great prices. I even saw a great website for pet supplies! Koda will be benefiting from that one!

There customer service line is open 7 days a week, always willing to answer your questions. I had the opportunity to contact them once to verify some information and the person on the other end was helpful and very friendly. There is something about a voice that you know has a smiling face on the other end, you can tell the difference.

I am so glad that I found CSN and the many wonderful stores. Having so many resources at my finger tips for any kind of gift and need is wonderful!

This review was sponsored by CSN.

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