Kids Road Trip

In one week my kids are going on their first road trip with Grandpa and Vick. They are GIDDY with excitement. Spending a week traveling to Mt. Rushmore, the Black Hills and all kinds of fun stuff is planned.

But this week, we are getting them ready. Packing, repacking and shopping for any thing they could possibly need while they are gone. Travel shampoos and lotions. At least two bottles of sunscreen, because they are some mighty-whitey kids and any possible med they could need. Boo is my child, so there will be at least two bottles of Motrin in the bag.

I am nervous. Not because they are going with my Dad, but because this is the first time they are going on a “trip” with someone other than me and Hubby. It will be great for them, and us, but I am nervous that someone will be homesick, have an attitude or just be miserable. It is a lot for me to let my kids go, but I don’t think I could have said no if I wanted to.

So, next week Hubby and I will have more time to spend just us. We will get to have conversations that don’t revolve around what the kids are up too, only what we are up too. Yes, we are both working all week, and I have a HUGE project to start.

I need the time to keep moving. Otherwise, I will go nuts missing my kids.

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