My stress level has been sky high the past week.

With us having our over sized garage, we are hosting the annual garage sale. We get 5-7 families together and have one big massive one. We do well (at least if the first day is any indication) and still have lots to donate afterwards.

At start this morning we had 9 tables, 3 clothes racks and about a billion boxes of stuff. Plus, some small furniture, a garage mounted basketball hoop and two bikes. To say we have a lot is an understatement.

My level of stress dropped dramatically yesterday*, but it is still up there and will be until the sale is over. Having people come in and out of my garage, having to make sure things are kept organized and having to price our 15 boxes of stuff (90% of it was clothes) makes for some long days. I am running on little sleep, my kids are running on little sleep and Koda is running on…little running. We are all at our points.

So tonight, back to the regularly scheduled bedtime, as much as my kids dislike the idea. I will be getting so much needed laundry done, and then crashing early. Sleep is a must. Maybe my head will stop pounding.

*more on that later, it takes time to get past the anger, frustration and happiness that is all rolled into our home.

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