What I Learned This Week

It’s time once again for What I Learned this Week hosted by Musings of a Housewife.

This has been a jam packed weekend, and the week is shaping up to be a rough one. BUT, I learned some really fun stuff this weekend.

– In the 7 years since Boo was born baby products have taken on a whole new life. Watching my cousin open gifts at her baby shower was a learning experience. I won’t even tell you how loved that little girl is going to be!!

– Meeting a bunch of bloggers from MN is what I have wanted for so long. The MckBrunch was so much fun (and that post will come later today). I haven’t even had time to check out all the other bloggers I met that day.

– Having your kids gone all weekend long will allow time to reconnect with your Hubby. We had two wonderful dinners out, and a couple shopping excursions. I always wonder if we will be those adults who have nothing to talk about after the kids move out, this weekend showed me we won’t be. It was nice to not have drama, whining and moods this past weekend.

– Koda is a puppy, and puppy-dom just might kill me. That is a good thing because it is making me work on my patience, but those patience are wearing thin today….and it is only 6:30.

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