Here, There, Everywhere!

We are back…sort of. I have two more days off work, so I don’t know how much I will actually be here. The weather is GORGEOUS, so we have been outside.

The 4th of July was wonderful, lots of time with family (is there such a thing as TO MUCH time though? I think maybe…). The weather at the cabin was perfect, we couldn’t have asked for much better.

Today, we are running errands, getting to dr. appointments and getting Koda a much needed truck gate. The kids are right now outside playing basketball on our new hoop, watching the construction guys grate the road.

We will have a new road starting Wednesday!!! Next week our driveway will get done, but the road alone is exciting. The kids can ride their bikes again. I don’t have to keep refusing because our driveway is to short.

Tomorrow…another dr. appointment and Hunter’s first tutor session. After that…the day is open until we have our last puppy class. Koda graduates tomorrow…I am so proud. lol

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