I miss my friend

So…I am thinking that maybe at some point I really should get more things unpacked.

Just an idea that I had.

Eh…maybe later.

Today was birthday party and grad party day. We only have the one grad party this year, but it was an important one and we had a great time.

The birthday party was important too. One of Boo’s friends moved about 45 minutes away, which means the mom did too. J and I had become close over the four years our daughters danced together. It was had when they moved and we knew we wouldn’t get to see them every week.

Today though, was her daughters birthday party. We made the trek to their house, stopping to get J a birthday present too.

When we finally arrived, I was more excited than Boo was. I have missed J, and talking on the phone is just not the same as seeing each other once a week for years. We hugged and giggled like little kids, it was wonderful.

Once the party was done, Boo and I got ready to head home. J and I hugged once more, and vowed to talk this week. Driving home, I remembered all the time we spent together. Getting the girls to class, birthday parties and recitals. She knew so many things about me, and I her.

J is one of the few people that I confide in. She understands things about me that I don’t know if others would, because she has been there and is dealing with it herself. She listens, a talent that not many people posses. She cares, a gift that A LOT of people don’t care to have.

Mostly, she is honest. She will tell me if I am being crazy or just plain stupid.

I miss her, every Wednesday.

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