As they start to wind down

I just got back from a short walk with Koda, and by short I mean a block because the little guy can’t handle much more than that.

It is gorgeous out today, as it was yesterday. Except it is going to be FREAKIN warm out today. We have the most dramatic weather-mood-swings. Saturday Boo was in jeans and a sweatshirt, today shorts and a tank top. It never ends.

With this warm weather comes the end of another school year. Only 11 days left for Boo, and 12 for Hunter. It seems like they just started, and now they are in the winding down stages already.

Yesterday, Boo spent the entire afternoon at the park. THE ENTIRE AFTERNOON.

Hunter, he had Track and Field Day on Monday and will have only a half day on Friday that he will spend fishing…with school.

I wish I could do that when the weather turned nice.

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