The Construction Story

The weeks before we moved into our house, I would stalk drive by the house at least once day. I would literally come up with reasons to leave and drive by the house. I know that Hubby knew what I was doing, but it felt sinister.

Well, the Thursday before Mother’s Day Hubby was out of town for Fishing Opener. Boo and I were heading for a night of baseball, and we just had to drive by the house.

What did we see just before we started down the hill??

Crap…that can’t be a good sign.

Then we saw these…

Maybe a block away from the house. Not good…not good at all.

Then we get to the house, and see this…

That’s when I knew moving would be interesting.

I called the city, and talked to the project manager.

They were tearing up our road to lay a new water main and repave the road, starting the Monday before we moved (last week). I sat at my desk and cried. I knew it was going to be a rough move.

Wednesday I talked to the project inspector, and he assured me that they wouldn’t be as far down as our house by Friday. He was certain.

Yeah right. Famous last words man!

As I turned down the road to our house on Friday, I was greeted by piles of dirt and a lot of road work guys. I was stopped and told that that part of the road was closed, one house down from ours. I went the long way around, and was told by three guys that the road was closed. After the first one I was in tears.

I called Ryan, after snapping at the poor road guy that IHADTOGETTOMYHOUSEIAMMOVINGINTODAY, and asked him to find the inspector’s phone number. I could see the house, but was stuck behind some large piece of machinery, crying. My father-in-law was waiting in the driveway, and I was stuck.

When I finally got to the house, Hubby called me with the number, my father-in-law left to meet Hubby and I was told the inspector was on his way to my house, he was minutes away.

He introduced me to the Foremen, and was told the timetable of the days work.

We had until 10:30 to use our driveway and then it was being torn up for lay the new water main. The entry to our driveway would be replaced by 3 that afternoon, after we would already be pretty much done moving stuff for the day.

Did I mention that one side of the road was completely torn up, gone. It was dirt and rock. So the one good side meant no parking on that side. There was no where to park right in front of our house! NO WHERE.

Thankfully, we had met one of our neighbors on Thursday and she was kind enough to let us use her driveway most of the day. She let us walk across her lawn countless times, and even offered to help.

After three trips and lots of watching the construction guys work I was ready to be done. Our driveway was replaced by 3, and we will have a new road in about 2 months.
To say it was the most stressful move is putting it mildly.
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